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June 16 -

July 2, 2019

Join StMarkATL as we go on our first mission trip as a church to Serve Zambia!


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Deciding whether to go on a mission trip is a big decision! We can help!

Here are some questions to use as you think and pray about why a mission trip might be important for you.


Is a mission trip really that important? Why can’t I just serve locally?

Mission trips are a chance to step out of your comfort zone and into a new culture! This will stretch and change you in unique and transformative ways. You’ll build relationships and learn more about God as you serve other people. Setting aside time in your summer to serve and grow closer to God will bring you home transformed. It’s the adventure of a lifetime—you’ll love it!

Who can attend?

Anyone with a heart to serve.

All under the age of 18 will require consent from a parent or guardian. You must also have just completed your junior year of high school at a minimum.

What will our group do on the trip?

You will be need to serve in many different ways depending on what the church in Zambia needs from you. You might serve in a relational way with kids and teens; you might need to help organize services or conferences; home visitations to give hope and comfort to poverty stricken families; and much more!


Is this trip safe?

Safety is our number-one priority. We will have leaders with us that have a lot of experience with travel to different countries and especially travel to mission trips to Zambia.


Where can I get more information about the mission in Zambia?

Here is a guide to help prepare you for the trip. You can also visit the Coptic Mission website and the Meant To Live Foundation.


How much is it? How will I pay for it? Will I be able to raise funds?

Yes! Fundraising is strongly encouraged and we have a few tried and true ideas that can help cover the cost of the trip.

  • ~$2000 - Airfare

  • ~$515 to cover food, accommodations, and transportation

  • ~$100 for souvenirs, free-time, etc.

  • Optional Safari at the end of the trip (cost still TBD) - June 29/30-July 1

 First payment of $500 will be due on February 10.