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Who We Are

St. Mark church was established to bring the beauty and fullness of life through the Christian ancient faith. We are a Coptic Orthodox Church in the Southern United States Diocese. As our first core value says, regardless of your background or past, your Savior invites you to come and see.


How We Do It

Our mission is to connect people to the fullness of life, which is found in Jesus Christ. For 2,000 years, followers of Jesus celebrated the Divine Liturgy and we continue the same service that Jesus gave His disciples till today. Our post-liturgy service, called The Eight, is a more casual atmosphere to renew and reset life. The Eight begins at 11:18 am on Sundays with coffee, refreshments, music, and a message you can apply to your life. 


Our Priest

Fr. Nathanael Guirguis is native to Atlanta, a 2009 graduate from the University of Georgia who then moved to Washington, DC for dental school. While he worked as a dentist and for a local Orthodox church, Fr. Nathanael completed a 3-year Orthodox seminary program at the Antiochian House of Studies. Fr. Nathanael came back to his home city to give back to Atlanta and was ordained into the priesthood in 2017 to help plant St. Mark American Coptic Orthodox Church. From dentist to priest, Fr. Nate loves to serve others and his city. Fr. Nathanael is a big music fan and an IT nerd at heart. He is married to Sarah and they have a 2 year old named Ruth.

You can contact Fr. Nathanael at @FrNateG on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube