Kids @ The Eight

Kids @ The Eight is St. Mark's children's ministry program which begins at 11:10 am and runs to 12:30 pm.


A Typical Sunday

Each and every week your child will learn about a specific biblical virtue through fun, relational, and practical teaching. Our ‘Large Group’ environment enforces the biblical virtue with an easy to remember “bottom line” that can easily be practiced at home. The Small Group component gives kids an opportunity to participate in age-appropriate discussion, activities, and crafts that will reinforce the teaching and build godly relationships with peers and mentors. Your kids will not want to miss out!


Checking in Your Kids

Our Sunday program begins with check-in at 11:10 am and ends at 12:30 pm. Parents check-in their children in the back of church between 11:10 am and 11:30 am. Pick-up is at the conclusion of ‘The Eight’ at the same room you dropped-off your child.


Children @ The Eight

Our goal for the Pre-Elementary and Elementary programs at StMarkATL is to work with parents to guide their children to put their faith in Jesus and to teach them who God is and how He wants them to live. Before your children head off to middle school, we want to make sure that these three things stick:

1.      I can trust God no matter what.
2.      I need to make the wise choice.
3.      I should treat others the way I want to be treated.



We hope you’ll find this a safe and loving spot for your littlest ones 18 months – Kindergarten during ‘The Eight’. We focus on one Biblical Virtue per month (e.g., Kindness, Faith, Patience, etc.), one Bible story per week, and one Memory Verse per month. The lesson is taught using various age-appropriate methods: puppets, videos, music, instruments, crafts, games, and more. It is amazing watching these little guys start to grasp Biblical messages and apply them to their lives. 

Parents can also reinforce the message during the week with the questions and verse on the ‘Activity Book’ that your child will receive, as well as the bible story that we will be telling on the BIBLE APP FOR KIDS. We are excited to work with parents to teach and grow your children into experiencing the Fullness of Life!


Our Kids @ the Eight program is for children from 1st-5th grade. We incorporates music, comedy, skits, and the Bible in a unique way to spark the discovery and creativity in the heart of each child. The curriculum is designed to shape identity through planting timeless truths in the heart of every elementary-aged child. We focus on building relationships that will aide your child to have great Christ-centered friends and mentors as they grow.

We are excited to get to know your little ones and to work with you to teach and grow your children so that they may experience the Fullness of Life!


Teens @ The Eight

Our goal for the Middle and High School Programs at StMarkATL is to work with parents to effectively inspire and equip middle and high school aged teens to develop a faith of their own according to the ancient faith of the Orthodox church. Before your child heads off to college they need to:

1.      Know that God is REAL and RELEVANT to their personal lives.
2.      Make a commitment to continually pursue an intimate relationship with God.
3.      Passionately serve in a local Orthodox Church.




Our teen program is designed for teens in 6th - 8th grade. We know that this is an important stage in your teen’s life and we want to help you build them up to be a devout Orthodox Christian that has an authentic relationship with Jesus, their peers, and mentors.

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High School Program

We are currently developing a StMarkATL High School program that will appeal to these young adults in our church. In the meantime, we encourage our High School students to enjoy ‘The Eight’ right after liturgy. If you are in High School and would like to volunteer in any of our other children’s programs please fill out THIS application and someone will be in touch with you.

We are starting a new dynamic high school program called Inside Out. If you are as excited for this program as we are, pre-register your high schooler HERE!